Orangeray: Website Content & Videos


Fharzana Siraj, the founder of Orange Ray, wanted a website that captured the multi-specialty alternative medical center that is Orange Ray. She wanted content to explain all the sciences featured in Orange Ray including Yoga Therapy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Ayurveda, as well as videos that showcased her facilities and vision for healthcare. 


The website required over 10 topics to be demystified with scientific backing. The scripts for each video on the website had to be written after one on one appointments with the Medical Practitioners in Orange Ray. This surmounted to over 25,000 words of text spread across the website in different mediums. 


MED-bites content writers had to go through published research papers as well as a number of alternative medical textbooks explaining the process and science of a variety of eastern medical methodologies in order to write appropriate content for each of the modes of treatment featured in Orange Ray. Every topic had to go through critical iteration by the technical heads of the department and then were finally published in the website. Each video featured on the website was scripted in advance to ensure delivery was accurate and precise. MED-bites content writers sat with the Medical Professionals of Orange Ray to understand nuances of their practice and weave it into a colloquial language style that was easy for a non-medical audience to understand. 

Take Away: 

Content is King! MED-bites writes creative medical content that is simplified for a non-medical to understand. MED-bites doesn’t restrict its content expertise to allopathic medicine, Orange Ray was an example of a content rich alternative medical style that required simplification.  

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