PPPL: SOP Education


In a pharmaceutical distribution company like Palepu Pharma Private limited that handles over 21000 active SKUs, it is vital to communicate the SOP to all employees. PPPL wanted MED-bites to create a video that explains their process for new employees. Key points like identifying stock variants, product storage and organization, first in first out picking, packing techniques, and dispatch were required for us to simplify and communicate. In addition, PPPL wanted video footage of their infrastructure and process flow to visually enhance communication. 


Because of the large SKU, PPPL noticed their employees were struggling to follow the SOP. MED-bites was requested to explain the SOP in a simpler manner using analogies that were relatable, so that employees could easily retain and execute it. In addition, since most employees spoke the regional language, Tamil, the video had to be made in two languages. 


MED-bites met with the operations team of Palepu Pharma, and understood the nuances of their process. Soon after, MED-bites visualized the SOP into an English script and storyboard. Once the script and storyboard were approved by the client, the text was translated to Tamil. A selection of voice artists was provided to the client, of which they selected two male baritone voices. Meanwhile, MED-bites illustrators created custom iconography following the client’s brand guidelines and a team of MED-bites videographers were sent to their facility to capture the appropriate visuals. Combining the custom icons and process videos with 2D animation, MED-bites delivered two SOP videos to the happy client. 

Take Away:

MED-bites can simplify any process in healthcare and communicate in multiple languages with easy to follow attractive visuals. 

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