Bioceutics: Immunizer Explainer


Bioceutics Inc. is a Pharmaceutical company based in Kolathur, Chennai that is known for its leading nutraceutical and pharmaceutical combinations in all therapy areas. When the pandemic struck, Bioceutics came up with a revolutionary product – Immunizer to boost immunity in first line medical workers and the public. Bioceutics wanted MED-bites to come up with a video that explained the method of action of all the ingredients with scientific backing, and 2D medical animation. This video had to be shared on social media platforms and Whatsapp. 


Usually sales representatives meet with doctors to present new products using a product monograph or brochure. Due to the lockdown, doctors weren’t seeing any representatives making communication of this new product difficult. The target audience was not only for medical professionals but also the non-medical population, so the video had to be visually appealing but couldn’t lack medical explanation. 


MED-bites content writers went through the product monograph and understood the biochemical and pathophysiological process behind each ingredient. MED-bites content writers worked with the MED-bites creative team to appropriately visualize the biological pathways that needed to be explained so that it can be conveyed to both a medical and non-medical audience. Once the script and storyboard was locked, appropriate vectors were designed by MED-bites illustrators to depict the content that needed to be conveyed. 


Unlike many other marketing companies, MED-bites has a team of medical professionals that can understand and visualize heavy medical jargon. As chamber time with doctors have reduced, and the world is moving towards digitalization, MED-bites offers unique solutions for pharmaceutical companies to pitch their new products to doctors and other medical professionals. 

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