Orangeray: Website Content & Videos


Orange Ray’s founder, Fharzana Siraj, wanted a website along with 10 videos that captured the essence of her multi-specialty alternative medical centre: Yoga Therapy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Functional Medicine, Nutrition, and Ayurveda.


Their website required 10+ topics to be demystified with scientific backing. The scripts for each video on the website had to be written after one-on-one appointments with their Medical Practitioners/Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). This surmounted to 25,000+ words of content spread across the website presented in different formats. 


Our content writers went through published research papers and alternative medical textbooks explaining the process and science of a variety of eastern medical methodologies to write appropriate content for each of the modes of treatment featured at Orange Ray. 


Each content deliverable went through an exhaustive two-stage review cycle and was finally published on their website. 


We wrote and designed medical content simplified for a non-medical audience to understand. Our content expertise isn’t restricted to only evidence-based/modern medicine; this case study is one of the many examples wherein we provided simplified content on alternative medical practices.


Content is King! MED-bites writes creative medical content that is simplified for a non-medical to understand. MED-bites doesn’t restrict its content expertise to evidence-based/modern medicine, Orange Ray was an example of a content rich alternative medical style that required simplification.

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