Pristine Pearl: 3D Product Explainer


Pristine Pearl Pharma wanted a how-to-use video for their new inhaler product, Pearl Inhaler. They were relying on a printed instruction manual for their online customers, who found it a bit tough to understand how to use Pearl Inhaler without adequate visual representation.


They required the same how-to video in six Indian languages, including English.


We demystified and scripted the entire procedure of using the inhaler from their basic documentation. 

The Pristine Pearl SME reviewed and finalised the script, post which we storyboarded the entire 3D-animation video. They reviewed and signed-off on the storyboard.

We recorded the voiceover for the 3D animation based on the signed-off script. In parallel, we created the 3D animation (hard surface) which made it super easy for any customer to now use their inhaler accurately for maximum benefit.



Apart from the printed instruction manual contained in the inhaler’s package, their online customers can now also watch the 3-minute, how-to-use 3D animation by scanning a QR code on the product package. This makes its application easier, simpler, and thus more effective for patients who need it.

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