As you know, probiotics restore good bacteria in your gut and have multiple benefits all over the body. 

Velbiom, with 30 years of expertise behind them, wanted us to create trust in their brand and their products while also educating the consumers.


For Velbiom, one of our very first clients, we had to demystify how their probiotics work via 2D animated videos. We took up the challenge as we make the mundane interesting.


Tasked with this mission, we brainstormed, scripted, storyboarded, and visualised how each of their products work in the body, and conveyed it in a creative way. 

We made each bacterium (both good and bad) and cell a character and weaved them into a story wherein we illustrated how probiotics work…

Each bacterium character had their own microbiologically accurate characteristics, along with colour palettes and branding that matched Velbiom’s identity… 

Velbiom’s subject matter experts reviewed and provided us with feedback in an agile manner at the end of each week’s incremental deliverable.


The personified caricatures in a creative story not only made the microbiome interesting and easy to understand, but also inspired trust and relatability to their products among their consumers. 

Velbiom was more than delighted with our creative outputs. And worked with us for over 10 products.

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